A records are pointing to the right IP address but my site is not live

We have moved our site to a new hosting platform and so the IP address has changed. Ive updated the A records to the new IP address but the site is down. There are no error messages in Cloudflare or at the hosting. The host says they don’t see anything.

Not sure what to do next. Need to get the new site live in the DNS.

I can provide screenshots of the DNS records. There is alot of stuff there for email records…


what is the domain name?

Login and go to the dns app in the Cloudflare dashboard and make sure the dns record named the same as your domain is :orange:, if not proxied, click the :grey: to turn it proxied :orange:

Thanks for the response. The names match and the proxied is orange.

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the domain name is remingtonbuilding.com

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Are you still having the issue?

Yes, the site is not live. Very weird. Ive updated A records before and never had this issue on other sites we host.

I am seeing a flywheel page indicating there is some set up steps needed…is that your hosting provider?

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I see this now:

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Yes, flywheel is the host. I have the correct IP address they provided but when I do a DNS check and I checked with their tech guys they don’t see it. The DNS check doesn’t validate. No error message it doesn’t validate.

I double-checked the IP address and its right but its still not validating so Flywheel put up the placeholder page.

If you recently changed your domain nameservers, usually the DNS propagation process could take up to 24 hours, but sometimes it takes a bit longer like 48 or 72 hours to fully propagate due to the DNS cache at our local ISP providers.

May I ask have you tried using a different Web browser, or tried clearing your Web browser cache?
How about using a Private window (Incognito mode) or a VPN connection if possible?
Is it the same behaviour on your mobile phone (4G LTE, mobile data, cellular)?

Even after you switched your DNS records to :grey: (DNS-only) for a few hours, then retried to validate it? :thinking:

May I ask who was your old hosting provider? Was Cloudflare configured for your domain name through their interface as they might be a SaaS integrator in that case, or used a CNAME setup for your domain name?

YES, the name servers were changed earlier this week. I just tried it in Chrome and Safari same Flywheel page. I think its the name server change.

I am unaware how Fylwheel does tha validation/check :thinking:

But, says it should work fine:

By the IP address returned for remingtonbuilding.com? If so, then try to leave it on :grey: (DNS-only) until it gets validated, somehow?

Im not sure of the old host. as that was with a different company. The registra is godaddy but then they setup the DNS with Cloudflare. May have been hosted at Godaddy.

Im not sure how to check for a SaaS integrator. There are No CNAME records at all.

Its strange because all the email records are A records. Im used to seeing those as MX records.

Will DNS only work if the Domain is Registered at Go Daddy and the Records are at Cloudflare? Just want to check that.

Thanks for feedback information.

All good as it seems. I’d suggest you to leave it for a day or two and double check the instructions from their articles:

Okay, Thanks. I was wondering if waiting would help but didn’t want to not double check and lose 2 days.

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