A records are not working

the redirect is not working. it seems the A values have not been published according to wordpress.

they said to contact cloudflare support.

apparently this is support.

URL: wikiworld.io

I followed the exact same process as another website domain I registered with cloudflare. I checked with wordpress.com and my DNS records to redirect are correct.

The records resolve, but to Cloudflare IP addresses as your DNS records are proxied. If they need to see the records as you have set, you will need to set the records to “DNS only” instead of “Proxied”.

But I have followed an identical process with another website, that is also proxied

Maybe once validated by the host, the records are ok to be proxied.

But your records resolve - what they resolve to depends on the proxy setting. Cloudflare is doing what you ask it to by your settings.

very bizarre. It is working now. i turned off proxy. not sure why it worked with my other site. anyway. thank you .

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