A records are changing automatically

3 days back I have created 2 A records pointed to the new IP address in Cloudflare DNS but the next day they changed automatically due to which I am facing a 520 error on my site. Again I have created 2 A records pointed to the old IP address, but they changed again. Why it is happening?

Someone is either logging in as you (unlikely), or you gave a third party permission (API Key) to make changes to your account. It’s usually Ezoic that makes these changes. You can confirm which it is by checking the Audit Log at the top of dash.cloudflare.com

If you want to stop this from happening, either change your password, or your Global API Key; depending on what you find out in the Audit Log.

Thanks! for they reply, I have shared my login detail with Ezoic, that’s why i am facing this issue.

I have changed my API Key and enabled Two-Factor Authentication. How can I change my global API key?

It is documented here:

Thanks! for the reply.

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