A record www redirects to clickfunnels

www.ishopdailyonline.com page rule set to: ishopdailyonline.com

when, a record: proxy is on, clickfunnels home page opens. i removed the domain and deleted the clickfunnels account.

when, a record: proxy is off, ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT

i have plenty of subdomains active https://index.ishopdailyonline.com, except the “www” address.

current hosting is groovefunnels

You’d still have to ask Clickfunnels to completely remove your domain from their Cloudflare integration.

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i mailed support, about the green padlock inside clickfunnels before i removed the domain and deleted the account. will see if they know what that was about. so far they said, well, no proxy link doesnt goto clickfunnels home page!

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