A record with same setting already exist ISSUE

Hello everyone,

Current problem: Trying to add an @ for an A record but when trying to add an @ it kept showing this message “A record with the same settings already exists. (Code: 81058)”. I’m trying to point my domain to my godaddy hosting which is and it won’t work due to this issue. How to fix this error ?

Here is my DNS setting for my domain www.mstarholding.com

But my site is now showing a cpanel link instead of the actual site landing page. Something is wrong here.

Well, your DNS settings look fine, and the site comes up for me. Did you fix it?

The @ record is a kind of special case known as the root record which refers to your base domain - i.e. mstarholding.com.

In the Cloudflare dashboard it actually shows as just that instead of @ so you’ve already successfully set it set and is the top entry of your image, that’s why when you try again you get told it already exists.

Upshot is, you’re good to go!

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