A record using "@"

So I added an A record using “@” for the name (like I had it on GoDaddy) but it seems that Cloudflare is automatically changing it to my domain name. The company I am using for my new website will not let me set my domain name as the primary domain because it can’t detect the “@” record pointing to their IP.

Is there any way to make the A record use “@” instead of my domain name? Thanks!

“@” is always your domain, that won’t have been different with your previous DNS provider either.

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I recommend adding another one A www record and point it to the same IP address, also make it :orange: too :wink:

You’ll most likely need to make sure it is unproxied. That’s not a naming issue but a resolution one.

hello, I do have a www A record pointed to the same address. They require a www and a @. They detect the www but not the @.

On GoDaddy, it actually listed @ in the records. Maybe it doesn’t make a difference but in the DNS settings it did show it that way whereas in Cloudflare it changes it to my domain and the webhost can’t detect the @ record. I have no idea…lol

How do I make it unproxied? The www record is proxied and it detects that one fine but I’d be happy to try that and maybe it’s the trick!

https://support.cloudflare .com/hc/en-us/articles/360019093151-Managing-DNS-records-in-Cloudflare

For some reason I don’t have that “proxy toggle” option on mine

It’s right there under proxy status. But that’s the www record, not the naked domain.

Found it, thanks! It just looks different from the support article. Didn’t realize I could change it without the drop down, I just needed to click on it…duh!

I’m trying it now on the domain A record. Changing it to DNS only has made the site very very slow so far.

You might want to work on that too, as Cloudflare will be able to do only so much.

what do you mean? sorry I have some knowledge but it’s pretty basic. I’m kind of stuck in that spot where the host says it’s a Cloudflare issue, however I switched to Cloudflare because the host recommended it…lol

Your server’s performance is not related to this validation. What I was saying is that you should make sure that your site is reasonably fast without Cloudflare to begin with.

Changing that A record did work for them to be able to see my @ record and change my domain to the primary. Thanks so much!

As for the performance, it runs great, except when I make a change in Cloudflare. If I change a record it runs terribly for quite a while (yesterday it was for hours). Right now it’s running terribly since I changed that proxy to dns only. I don’t know…hopefully I won’t have to change anything else after this.

That would suggest your server is not performing properly and that’s what I meant. You should fix that.

What’s the domain?

I see…it’s hosted with Tithe.ly, the domain is connectionse.org

Yes, your server definitely needs some fixing

Particularly the SSL layer.

yeah I have no idea what to do. their support isn’t timely. They may not respond for a few hours and by then it might work fine. how do I run this test you show above?

That screenshot is from the browser. The SSL layer is something your host needs to look into, that will be something that is beyond your control.