A record updating on mobile but not desktop

Im trying to migrate a website and I changed the A records, they update directly for mobile but it has been over 24h and still nothing has happend on desktop. How can I troubleshoot that? (I tried to purge cache)

Is the issue that you still have the same 104 addresses you had before?

104 addresses?

The issue is that on mobile it shows the new server but on laptop it shows the old server.

Whats the domain?


The server generally just returns a 403 right now.

Thats all good, i have uploaded a duplicator file for migration which I can access on mobile, but I cant get that 403 page on desktop for whatever reason. I tried multiple laptops and browsers. (And if I try to run the migration through my phone I get an error once its completed)

What do these commands return?

ping fartvinden.se
nslookup fartvinden.se
ping www.fartvinden.se
nslookup www.fartvinden.se


Your system resolver seems to still return the old IP address. I presume ns7.wekudata.com is your ISPs server, right? In that case you’d need to contact them or switch over to another public resolver.

Ok, but I dont understand, what does my ISP have to do with where the A records are pointing?

The A records are correctly set up, but your ISP (I presume that is what your nameserver is) simply returns wrong or outdated values.

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Ok, awesome, thank you so much for the help!
(Tried to share my mobile data and access it through the laptop and that worked)

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