A record updated on Cloudflare but result not showing on live site

I have a website (readysetplumb.com.au) with the A record pointing to in Cloudflare but on MX toolbox the IP being reported is: The change was made an hour ago. Normally I see these A record changes within a few minutes. Any ideas or do I just need to be patient?

Hi, I am not sure how that link is supposed to help me?

It explains how Cloudflare works and why you experience what you assume to be an error.

I understand how Cloudflare works. What I am saying is Cloudflare is set to one thing and MX toolbox is saying another thing for the A record. I have read through that page and I don’t how that is supposed to resolve this issue.

No offence, but if you understood how Cloudflare works you would not ask that question.

That IP address is Cloudflare’s proxy and will never change as long as you proxy the record in question.

Thank you for your help. If you had of said that initially that would have been a lot more helpful. I forgot that the orange cloud was ticked for the DNS record. Thanks for your help.

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