A Record Update

I moved my site to Cloudflare to manage the DNS and move it away from its current host. After changing the DNS records at the existing service to Cloudflare; Cloudflare showed the site as ACTIVE after about 1 hour. I next updated the A Record cooresponding to the site: mycruisetravels.com to point to a specific IP address. The Cloudflare site says that any changes should be propagated in 5 minutes, however 6 hours later the site resolves to its old address, even though Cloudflare is now hosting the DNS and their is no mention anywhere of the old address. How is this possible? and how can I fix it?

Do you know how long the TTL is on the old address? It might be that it’s still cached in your computer or at the dns resolver you use.

I get the same results back that this tool sees so it looks like it’s configured correctly.

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