A Record to Kubernetes stopped forwarding to the LB

3 Identical kubernetes clusters, 2 can be accessed, 1 cannot

I have three identical kubernetes clusters which differ only in their name and IP address of the ingress LB that serves them. On 29/7/2020 these services were all accessible, that evening TXT records were added to provide for a new mail service. On 30/7/2020 there was a new TXT record auto-generated for the cluster 0 and access to that route was gone.

$ curl -k https://my.host.name.0/healthcheck
curl:  (6)  Could not resolve host: my.host.name.0

the other services on my.host.name.1 and my.host.name.2 are still available.

The clusters are all running on GKE with external-dns providing the service discovery, which I can see is sending the same messages it always has to Cloudflare for name resolution. Neither host 1 or 2 have associated TXT records. I deleted the TXT records associated with host 0 and they auto generated, leading me to believe that Cloudflare is creating TXT records on reciept of a name resolution request from the cluster(?). Why this would affect only one service I do not know.

All DNS records are held in the same project, in the same zone. I have checked using CloudFlare diagnostics and this also reports that the hostnames associated with this cluster cannot be resolved.

None of the records are proxied.
I can use kubectl to access the various pods running on the cluster.
I can hit endpoints directly via LB IP address.

(names have been changed to protect the innocent)

The situation above resolved itself after a day of downtime, with no changes on my part. I’m relieved that it is resolved, however a day of downtime is a little excessive.

I would like to setup google as a secondary DNS to Cloudflare. I have read through a few posts and the answers tend to be ‘Cloudflare is quite reliable, why do you want to do that?’ - I’m not asking if Cloudflare is reliable :slight_smile: I’ve had a good search around for documentation and it seems to be lacking in this regard. Does anyone have experience doing this and would be willing to give me some pointers?

I’ve found the documentation on secondary DNS, stating it is Enterprise customer functionality. Are there any plans to expose this functionality at a lower price point, even if the service is based around the manual setup (which would be preferable in this case as the secondary desired is another provider, not another cloudflare DNS). It is not in my plans to move from Cloudflare, given their positioning and quality of service :slight_smile:

Now it has stopped working again.

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