A record still points to CF, even after removing the domain

I removed the domain from Cloudflare, but WWW still points to CF A record and shows error page 1001.

Domain without WWW works fine but not WWW.

What is the domain?


www.ourculture.us (using Godaddy DNS) resolves to a CNAME that points to theculture.ac-page.com, which resolves to Cloudflare IP addresses.


A CNAME is not a redirect, so the request is going to Cloudflare as if for www.ourculture.us (using the IP addresses for theculture.ac-page.com), which is not on Cloudflare as you deleted it, hence the 1001 error.

Thanks SJR. Can you please tell me what should I do? I am trying to show Active Campaign pages on https://www.ourculture.us. And it requires me to add CNAME records that points to theculture.ac-page.com

If theculture.ac-page.com is pointing to Active Campaign, you’ll need to set that DNS record in the Cloudflare DNS for that domain to “DNS only” so the request doesn’t go to Cloudflare.

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Ok. I thought so. Thanks for you help.

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