A Record still needed for www in DNS for CNAME Setup?

We installed cloudflare and traffic seemed to be routing to it but we kept getting the “Error 1016: Origin DNS error” and the pages wouldn’t load.

Did we need to remove the A record for www from our Rackspace DNS before adding the CNAME records?

The only DNS changes we made were:
www IN CNAME www.OURURL.com.cdn.cloudflare.net
cloudflare-resolve-to IN CNAME OURURL.com

I tried toggling all the HTTPS settings but nothing helped and we reverted.


CNAME record can’t coexist with the A record, so yes you would need to delete the A record and change it to Cloudflare CNAME record.

Also, the domain has to be active first on Cloudflare, before the platform can start proxying the traffic :slight_smile:

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