A Record Proxy status turns off

I have an A Name record that I set to Proxied, but I check in every few days and notice it has reverted to DNS Only. I am trying to not expose my IP and do not understand why this keeps changing.

I have only 3 other CNAME records, which do keep their proxy status (and are directed to the A Name record).

Apologies if this is an obvious issue but I cannot figure it out.

Check your audit log to see if there are any clues as to what is happening.

Audit log only shows a Rec set event, changing “Proxied”: true to “Proxied”: false. It reverted today within 90 minutes.

That sounds like the cause of the issue. Is it showing whether the change was done by API? Your user or another user?

It’s showing my user. Definitely not logged in doing this…

Figured this out. Had forgotten I had deployed a docker container running cloudflare DDNS. Had not set the Proxy flag.

Please close.