A record propagation

I added a A record for a subdomain of my main domain. It has been serveral hours and the record has not propogated. When I do an A record lookup it is showing two unknown IPs for the record. How long does a record usually take to propogate?


If your DNS record is proxied, it is showing 2 Cloudflare IP addresses as your site traffic must go to Cloudflare first so Cloudflare’s features can be applied to requests for your site.


You can return your IP addresses by turning off the proxy (set DNS records to “DNS only”), but requests will then go direct to your host/server and bypass Cloudflare’s protections and features.

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Thank you, I realized before you posted that that was the issue. I turned off the proxy and the subdomain is now resolving. Our router was configured with a rule to only allow access from the real IP address. Thanks again for your reply! Another question do those proxied IP always remain the same so I could edit the firewall rules for those IP’S?

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