A record pointing to old CNAME when proxied though Cloudflare

A record pointing to old CNAME when proxied through Cloudflare.

Originally, I had a CNAME record for xxx.domain.com pointing to a URL provided by the hosting company.

Eventually, we switched the server and migrated the same application to another server which required us to set an A record for the same xxx.domain.com subdomain pointing to the new server’s IP.

I am however noticing that when the Cloudflare proxy is enabled and I visit xxx.domain.com I am served the version available on the “old server” and when I turn it off, I get the version served from the “new server”.

The way I’m testing is that on the new server I uploaded a simple test file. I am able to access the new file without any issues if the proxy is off but I get a 404 if the proxy is on.

I never had this issue before on any of the projects I manage both on this account and on others so honestly, I’m a bit at a loss.

What could potentially be the issue here?

By the sound of it, it could cause by the domain hasn’t been propagated on Cloudflare. What’s the domain?

Unfortunately, I’m not able to share the domain here but eventually, the subdomain started to work well with both proxy turned off and on. As you say, it was most probably related to propagation. Thank you!

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