A record not working in Cloudflare proxy

Is that a full page screenshot?

All right, that is not a page of your host’s but Cloudflare and in that case toggling that setting cant be the reason. Your Cloudflare settings do not affect whether your server works or not. Even if strange, it is a coincidence that it worked before.

You need to get your server working and your server returned a 502 yesterday and now, only earlier it briefly returned aforementioned content. I am afraid there is not much more I can say about that, that error comes from your server and as long as your server does not return proper content, Cloudflare naturally cant either.

If your host is unable to help you I’d suggest to change to a different host.

Right now it is working, and - as expected - also via Cloudflare. Returns a blank page however


Yes its working fine but in mobile version its not working https://www.ptmatrimony.com/

here is my crpto settings

Thats yet another issue on your server I am afraid.

Is my Crpto setting is OK. and what should i do

Your cryptography configuration generally looks all right. As for your issue, depending on where it breaks you will either have to debug your own configuration or ask your host to do so.

What did you change for it to seemingly work now?

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