A record not working in Cloudflare proxy

please wait for while till my next msg

Why would I need to wait? It either works on your server or it does not. And as it is, I am afraid it does not.

You need to contact your host about that. Your server returns a 502 and thats it.

Hello Sandro. I am still getting error will you please tell me website where u checked the server status code as you posted screenshot earlier.

That was not a website, that was the browser.

You still need to fix that on your server.

Which Browser. Will you please help me on that. They are not able to find the issues. They are saying turning into gray cloud its working but in orange cloud its not working.

That is not correct, as evident from the screenshot. The error comes from your server. Simply pause Cloudflare on the Overview page and requests will go straight to your server.

The browser is Firefox.

After pausing its working. Will you please check once from your end. ptmatrimony.com

Now I get “Host and Page Working” instead of the 502.

And it equally seems to be working on Cloudflare now. Your host must have fix his issue.

I paused the cloud flare so its working. After enabling it will give same error 502

Well, it still is paused, so you cant say that. And as far as I can tell it does work now.

I started the Cloudflare now you check please

Now we have a redirection loop. Whats your SSL mode on Cloudflare? It should be “Full strict”.

Its flexible

It shouldnt be.

But actually, the issue is your server now again. I am not sure what is going on here, but your server responded fine before and now throws a 502 again.

Activating the cloud flare its giving 502 and removing its giving 200

Where are you “activating” that? On Cloudflare or on your host’s side?

Activating in sense starting the Cloudflare from website

Please post a full page screenshot where you activate Cloudflare.


Its active now.