A record not working in Cloudflare proxy

The DNS is not resolving while using cloud flare proxy. After removing the cloud flare its working fine

Did you wait and test DNS propigation after changing your nameservers to Cloudflare, did you enter add your records to the Cloudflare and what’s the domain?

Please help me to resolve this

Domain : ptmatrimony.com
Please have a look the attachment. Using Cloudflare proxy, the domain not is not working

Have a look at this giude to deal with 502 errors.


Please have a look in my DNS Record. All is good or notScreenshot_2

But removing the Cloudflare proxy its working. How it is possible??

I am sorry it would not appear to be. That 502 comes straight from your server.


Also, did you change hosting companies too? Your IP ended with .213 & 216 up until a few weeks ago.

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Yes i changed. but after changing into new company i added the website into cloud flare

As @sandro stated, the 502 is coming from your origin and you’ll want to contact the new hosting company.

Why its running if i removed the cloud flare proxy from A records
If the problem is in hosting company then in this case it also not work

You mean if you switch to :grey:? The problem will persist in this case. The problem is with your host.

Swith in orange cloud persist problem but in gray cloud is working properly

It is not. Did you even check out the screenshot I posted?

Yes i seen that. Ok do one thing i am removing orange cloud then u check.

Sure, but the screenshot showed precisely that scenario :wink:

from where did u checked that?

You appear to have turned proxying off, but now it returns a different IP address than what you posted in your screenshot. With wrong information it is difficult to debug anything.

Still returns a 502 anyhow.