A record not working for my ipv4

Hello eveyone. i have some issues with Cloudflare. i tried to use Cloudflare to change from using my ipv4 to using a domain instead. i got the domain and i made an A record for it. but when i try to acces the server with the domain, it doesn’t work. however when i try to acces the serve with my ip, it works fine. i dont know why Cloudflare doesnt want to connect to my ipv4 correctly. does anyone know how to fix this issue. please resond if you do. thank you so much!

your website ?

Is your server actually configured for your domain? You should really get that working without Cloudflare before you add the proxy.

its not a website. it a minecraft server. i know i need a srv record for that, but for a srv record i firstly need A record. when i join the server with the ip it works fine, but when i try to acces the server with the domain it syas “can’t resolve hostname”.

Did you follow Deprecated - Creating DNS Records in Cloudflare for a Minecraft Server?

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the server is a minecraft server so it doesnt need configuration as lond as i port forward the right port, which i have and it works fine. adding the domain for a minecraft server just needs a srv record which needs A record. but the A record with the port doesnt allow me to acces the server which technically it shoud. ive seen other people do it the same way i did and it works for them, so i dont know what the issue is.

Is the A set to :grey: in Cloudflare?

Yea that is preaty much exactly what i did. it works for other people but for some reason it doesnt work for me.

yes it is

What’s the hostname you’re trying to connect to?

this is what i have done and it doesnt work

what do you mean by hostname. hostname as the hostname of my pc which can be found in comand prompt or hostname as the domain name

This. Whatever you’re typing into Minecraft as the server.


That domain resolves to which is a private IP. Is this server local on your network and that’s the IP you connect to it with?


yes its local

Alright, then I think you are misunderstanding how this works. That is not a public IP so anyone outside your network wouldn’t be able to connect, with that IP. You only can because you’re on the same local network as the server.


how do i make the server public than

That’s not something Cloudflare can help you with. You should be careful making anything on your local network open to the internet if you don’t know what you’re doing. If you have a public IP working then your setup should work if you replace the private IP with the public one.

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ok thanks

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