A record not working correctly - broken cloudflare?

Hey everyone,

Just need to add an A record to my DNS, to point to shopify, but no matter what I try its not working. The weird thing is, that the A record is listing as which is a CF server.

  • NS are pointed CF to and confirmed working.
  • I made a CNAME change in CF, it worked instantly.

Tell me I’m doing something wrong here… Settings attached below.


It works for me.

The A recorded is proxied which means that it connected to Cloudflare and Cloudflare connects to your site.

but if you check the A record with any tool, for example:

  • it is not the right IP?

Also shopify is also saying it is not set up correctly, see attached screen.

Oh then click the orange cloud in the DNS screen to turn the proxy off.

The A record shows as Cloudflares IP because it is proxied through Cloudflare so it goes
client -> Cloudflare -> your server
if you turn the proxy off (by making it a gray cloud) then it goes
client -> your server

OK, great, thats now working, thanks Jake!

So is the reason it wasn’t working is because Shopify is not a normal service, and therefore doesnt need all the CF services like say a Wordpress/cPanel site might?

Well, it was working wasnt it? See Jake’s earlier response.

Anyhow, the reason for that message is that they do not expect you to put a proxy in front of their service and their hardcoded IP check failed because of that.

We had implemented CF as a fast way to swap servers when the site was launched.

I think it would be useful for Shopify or CF to have page showing the correct settings when using the two products together for other people who may have a similar problem.

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