A record not valid



Our site went down using the IP in A record of I’ve confirmed with hosting that no changes have been made to the operating IP. is the correct IP. Yet somehow, when you do a IP lookup on our domain, it now shows A records of and https://screenpresso.com/=ZfIae

I have no clue where those IP’s came from because here are my current CF dns settings: https://screenpresso.com/=SEjMe

Any suggestions?


First :

You posted two different origin IPs
Just a mistake? :thinking: check your DNS records again.

About the 104. IPs:
This is intended and by design. The visitor will see two Cloudflare IPs instead of yours. No issue :slight_smile: Those IPs may vary, depending on your visitor’s location. Same for you: you will see Cloudflare IPs in your logfiles instead of those from your visitors.