A record not updating to DNS only?

I have changed my A record from “Proxied” to “DNS Only” 24 hours ago. But if I ping my domain, it’s still showing Cloudflare’s IP address, it’s not showing my server’s address.
I need to change it as Cloudflare has upload limit. I am trying to upload WP site and getting 413 error with “Cloudflare” error. So I want to skip Cloudflare.

Without the exact hostname, it may be a bit difficult to provide advice. Don’t you think so?

I agree. hostname is tradewithjazz.com

That hostname does not appear to be unproxied.

Can you post a screenshot of the DNS page? You can redact the IP addresses if you wish.

here it is!

You’ll have a proxied AAAA record. You can actually drop them, as they are Cloudflare addresses which only break your site in this context.

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By drop, do you mean delete them alltoether? Does anyone / anything use those? will it not break?

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Correct, you should not have any entries which point to Cloudflare addresses, as this will only throw a 1000 error → http://ftp.tradewithjazz.com

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So do you want me to change all records to dns only and delete AAAA record? Have I understood you correct?

You need to set all entries to :grey: which should be unproxied, and that includes AAAA entries.

However, considering you should not have entries pointing to Cloudflare to begin with, you can equally drop them.

I only want the A entried to be unproxied. Just to solve the upload error. Do I still need to update all entried to DNS only?

All entries with that name must be unproxied.

All of the visible IPv6 addresses in the AAAA records on your screenshot are Cloudflare addresses. Leaving them does nothing useful and could cause undesirable results in the future. Deleting the AAAA records with addresses that begin with 2606:4700: now is prudent.

I followed all steps mentioned. Deleted the AAAA records, Still getting below error while uploading:

413 Request Entity Too Large

413 Request Entity Too Large


You probably need to wait for DNS propagation, but it’s a different issue anyhow and should be discussed in a separate thread.

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That is the issue for which I started the thread. I do not have problem with my IP being proxied. I just want to upload the file which is more than 100mb

About DNS propagation, the ping is already showing the result. So it is updated.

Your question was on DNS entries, not upload limits.

Again, you will need to wait for DNS propagation. Should you still encounter issues, then open a dedicated thread and provided as much information as possible.

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