A record Not redirecting


ANyone know why my an A record for my root domain wouldn’t successfully redirect to to another record?

Seems to be getting caught up with a cname (can’t delete the cname)

Please advise.


This is for you “4” domain? It’s redirecting for me. Perhaps try clearing your browser cache?


It’s supposed to redirect with the store.4domain.com works with WWW… doesn’t work without it.


Your page rule doesn’t point to store… it says

4domain.com/* forward to training.4domain.com/something/something/$1

If you want the root to point to store.4domain.com you’d need to change that page rule to point to the location you want.

If you want every subdomain to point to it you can use * domain.com/* without the space after the first * as your page rule.


I completely forgot about the page rule…
You’re awesome! Thanks!

How would I go about getting the Store.4domain to get a SSL ? doesn’t appear to trickle down to the store.4domain.com


It covers it, you just appear to have some mixed content issues. Check out:

Why No Padlock?



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