A record not propagating

I’ve added an A record to my DNS here at CF to point to my Google Cloud VM. However, no A record can be found when I search for it at dnschecker.org and the domain is down.

Typically DNS updates at CF have been lighting fast.
How long until an A record with Automatic TTL propagates?

There is an A record for www.realresilient.com are you sure you added both?

Added both? I’m not seeing it reflecting and the VM is live at the IP address.

I don’t see a root A record for your zone. I see a www which is CNAME to a non-existent root and a separate entry for your VM. When I type in the VM DNS entry I get a 521 error., but the VM doesn’t appear to be listening on 443.

Hmm I only have the two records (and some MX records)

At the VM I do have the zone setup but it’s likely here that the issue resides.

Perhaps I should be removing that entire record set and rely on CF’s DNS exclusively?
As you can see is live. (https is not)
Thank you for helping me understand this.

Cloudflare’s DNS is authoritative so you would want the root record in your Cloudflare DNS.

I’ve removed the DNS rules in that VM and that has not changed anything.

A fresh domain and VM
So now I’m 100% confused. I created a brand new VM for another site I need to setup. (wallethack.com)

One rule pointing to a working VM on Google Cloud SSL off and there is no DNS zone setup at the VM.
This is explicitly how several tutorials confirm CF to GC are setup.

Any other help would be greatly appreciated.
StackOverflow here: https://stackoverflow.com/q/55465501/1440240

As I look at your Cloudflare DNS screenshots, none of them have an “A” record that’s just for realresillient.com

You need one. Just like what you have in the Google DNS picture with the IP address.

Wow SDayman second time you helped me out. The first tut I watched explained that the name “can be anything”. headdesk It must be the domain in question. Thanks again.

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Now that you have the root A record, all you need to deal with is the 521

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