A record not pointing to the new IP

Hello, I have changed my A record a week ago on the cloudflare dashboard and yet this does not reflect when I did DNS Lookup on few websites when I checked it. The error message was "website redirect too many times and I have tried to clear browser cookies and purge out cache on the dashboard but no results. The new A record is displaying live on my dashboard but not properly configured. Please Help, Thanks!

Hi @narternearl,

Proxied DNS records :orange: will return Cloudflare IPs - this is normal. Could you share the domain that’s having issues?

Thanks for replying, the website is: http://sd-6consortium.ml

Please how can I use https:// and https://www as the same time for a domain on cloudflare dashboard ? It’s seems is only https:// that works well on cloudflare when proxied.

Many Thanks!

You can also check here for proof: https://dns.google/resolve?name=sd-6consortium.ml&type=A

The A record setting is set on “DNS Only” and therefore it’s not Proxied through . cloudflare.

That link shows it’s proxied by Cloudflare, as evidenced by the two Cloudflare IP addresses:

https should work on a site that’s not proxied by Cloudflare if your server is properly configured.

What’s strange is that it’s sending a 308 redirect, which must come from the server, as Cloudflare doesn’t use a 308 for a redirect.

It’s easiest to have one redirect to the other:

@sdayman thanks man. What baffled me most was when you mentioned that Cloudflare doesn’t use 308 for redirection.

This got me thinking and I got to look at my configuration on the dashboard, YOU ARE RIGHT. I misconfigured the settings by using IP6 on AAA records same with the previous A records which was bringing confliction for the new A record setting.

The issue has been resolved. Thanks Everybody​:kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


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