A Record Not Pointing to assigned IP

I created a new A Record and it is not pointing to the correct IP.

The syntax is <unique_name> under “Name” (not including domain.com) then “content” is IP and then TTL is “auto” and “proxy status” is “proxied”

The A Record does not resolve to the IP I put in. It resolves to some random IP.


The NS Records are:
ian.ns.cloudflare.com. [‘’, ‘’, ‘’] [TTL=172800]
elaine.ns.cloudflare.com. [‘’, ‘’, ‘’] [TTL=172800]

Ok I see now that proxy view is for protection. I created this A record for an SSL Certifcate we bought at Go Daddy. Shall I change proxied to dns?

Starts with 104, right?

If you use it for verification then you should unproxy it (:orange: to :grey:)

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