A record not map yet

Hello Team,

We move AWS 53 to Cloudflare, we change Nameserver as want, But Why we get old IP address, when we added new IP in Cloudflare DNS as A record.

Please help us about this thing.


What’s your domain?


I see the NS records are ok and your domain is pointed to Cloudflare nameservers.

frinza.in. IN A
frinza.in. 299 IN A
frinza.in. 299 IN A

What record is questionable? Some sub-domain or? Is it A or CNAME?

What option have you selected under SSL tab at Cloudflare dashboard?

I add “” As A record.

Please check attached screenshot.

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That is the correct setup.

After I tested, there seems to be some issue regarding HTTPS and SSL settings.
I got redirection loop.

Can you please check what have you got selected under SSL tab at Cloudflare dashboard?
Is it Full SSL, or Flexible SSL?

Have you had your Website with HTTPS or HTTP connection before moving to Cloudflare?
Also, related to HTTPS, have you had an SSL certificate installed at your host/origin server or not?

Due to redirecti loops, kindly see the steps and how to fix it with more information here:

As you suggest, I Check that in SSL/TLS Tab ‘Flexible SSL’ is enable. And now, I change it to ‘off’, Because right now we don’t have SSL certificate.

Is it correct or i have change it other option.

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