A record name for worker

I have a very simple worker that renders a static HTML page:


I have sidestepstudios.com registered with Cloudflare and dns and SSL is set up. I have a CNAME that is an alias of https://sidestep.smcllc.workers.dev/ and so www.sidestepstudios.com works, but sidestepstudios.com cannot resolve until I put an A NAME record in.

What should I put as the A NAME record?

1 Like or any other IP starting with 192.0.2. See Using page rules to perform redirects

Just make sure it’s set to an Orange Cloud and your worker route covers the full [sub]domain.


Thank you. This works great. It’s up and running! Cloudflare workers are awesome.

This initially worked, but now I get error 522. Did something change in the way workers resolve?

This is undocumented magic and it also doesn’t work. This seems like the most common use case for a website (using a real domain) and there’s no way to do it with Cloudflare Workers? Really?

It can seem confusing, but I have 3 different websites up through Workers just fine. I use an A record with whatever domain my site is, say example.com and point it to making sure they proxy status is set to proxied.