A record name for worker

I have a very simple worker that renders a static HTML page:


I have sidestepstudios.com registered with Cloudflare and dns and SSL is set up. I have a CNAME that is an alias of https://sidestep.smcllc.workers.dev/ and so www.sidestepstudios.com works, but sidestepstudios.com cannot resolve until I put an A NAME record in.

What should I put as the A NAME record? or any other IP starting with 192.0.2. See https://community.Cloudflare.com/t/using-page-rules-to-perform-redirects/55386?u=judge

Just make sure it’s set to an Orange Cloud and your worker route covers the full [sub]domain.

Thank you. This works great. It’s up and running! Cloudflare workers are awesome.

This initially worked, but now I get error 522. Did something change in the way workers resolve?