A record name already exists with that host

Not feeling comfortable in deleting my existing A name record…Shall I? What is the impact?

If your site is hosted at Hubspot, and if those are their instructions to get it to work, you’ll need to delete that “A” record. I suggest you note the IP address in case something doesn’t work.

Thanks “sdayman”,
My site is not hosted by Hubspot. Hubspot is a CRM/ email platform we’re using to attract new customers. Which is why I’m not confortable in deleting it. Good idea to note the IP address in case though.

Then I’m not sure what they want you to do. If it’s just for them to send email on your behalf, can you post a screenshot or a link to the instructions?

In the case of email, it’s often a CNAME with a special hostname in your domain to point to a special hostname at their domain.

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