A record modified only partial works

Hi all. Sorry I dont really know what I am doing. I had a website sitting on a webhostinghub sever. I cancelled that account and move the website to another server. I was told I need to modify the “a record” and followed the steps, creating an account here and all.

My problem is some server still direct to the webhostinghub server, but on some other server it works. Using a proxy or tor browser to change location, I go to my www.jfmaheux.net address, and sometime it works just well, but other times no, I get the webhostinghub error page of a sort :

Capture d’écran, le 2021-08-05 à 12.56.29

I need some ELI5 instructions in order to solve this. Can someone help?

It can take a couple of days before some ISPs update their DNS. It should be much faster…but not always.

Yes, I know. I made the changes like 1 month ago, so that’s why I’m thinking maybe it is not just that…

Ahhhh…I’m on IPv6 and see the same thing. Do you have any AAAA records? If so, you should probably get rid of them. But write them down first (the hostname and the address) or screenshot.

I dont think I do. Here is what shows up in the DNS manager thing

Should I look somewhere else?

then there is that. I dont know what those are. Should/can I delete them?

Thanks again!

Ohhh…you have two “A” records. Delete the 205. one. That’s webhostinghub. And if you are truly moved away from them, delete all the other 205 entries, and anything else that says webhostinghub. That’d be a good start.

Ok, I will try that and keep only the “” one. Thank you so much for helping me out. Like I said I really have no idea what I’m doing :smiley:
I’m killing all the 205 and the webhostinghub stuff right aways!

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You’ll also want to check out the HTTPS setup on the other machine.

Wow, it seemed to help a lot! looks like it is working now already! thank you so much!
Can you tell me a bit more about “HTTPS setup on the other machine” ?
The current host is a server at the university, managed by them. Should I look into something in my files? What might I look for?

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