A Record Missing IP Address on Domain Setup

I added a new domain and normally a default CNAME and A record are already there but this time it was blank.

I can setup the CNAME no problem, but now am missing the A record with the IP address.

How can I get a new IP address assigned?

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TL:DR; you need to get the IP from your webhost

Your IP addresses are assigned by your hosting provider. There are no default IPs from Cloudflare. Any starting address you had in your previous domains would have to have been imported from another DNS provider by the initial scan. If you didn’t have any existing DNS records in this domain or if they were not among the common names that Cloudflare scans, you would wind up with no entries.

Thank you.

I don’t have any hosting setup and it’s just with Namecheap. So what I’m hearing then is the DNS settings are imported from Namecheap and that the IP address is from them correct?

If you don’t have website hosting with Namecheap, it is unlikely that they would have any IP for you. What are you expecting to happen when you create an A record?

Odd as I’ve setup a number of NameCheap domains with Cloudflare without needing a hosting provider.

Namecheap also sells hosting. Are you using them for your website?

If you have a website, it’s on a server at a host somewhere. That server is what has the IP that you need.

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