A record loading incorrect IP addresses

I have an A record pointing to: nas . domain
I also have an A record pointing: plex . domain with the same IP address.

I have another A record for domain.com and www . domain pointing to a totally different host, (namecheap) pointing to the correct IP address to load the website.

I have the domaincom at namecheap pointing to the cloudflare nameservers. For a week or so, all seemed great.

I have not tried to load each site for a week or so ago. I checked the nas . domain and the plex . domain and I was surprised that instead of the NAS or PLEX server loading, the website at NAMECheap loaded.

nas. and plex. are poinging to a totally different IP address? Does anyone know why this is happening?

Thank you.

The IP address you see on https://dash.cloudflare.com/?to=/:account/:zone/dns are the IP addresses of your origin, the IP addresses you see when you ping you domain are cloudflare IP addresses. That is the desired behaviour.

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Yes I believe you are referring to the Cloudflare proxy DNS addresses. I am aware of those. What baffles me is I have setup DNS A records one to the NAS. IP address the domain, and plex . IP address. The NAS and the plex were on my machines at my home.

Foe the heck of it, I created another A record to point to a namecheap domain. I did setup the namecheap domain to use the cloudflare DNS servers.

I setup a domain that just point to the kpersky cyber map, just as a place holder to the domain.

The namecheap www IP is totally different than the .nas and the .plex ip addresses.

But if I type in the . nas domain of the .plex domain it goes to the kpersky cybermap webpage. What?

I even deleted the website that has the kpersky cybermap place holder, but still the cybermap appears. ???

I have NO idea where it is coming from, and why it does not pull the .nas or the .plex.


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