A record keeps changing automatically

I had proxied my website through Cloudflare before. I removed the proxy and am now hosting it with GoDaddy. However, the A record of my DNS automatically changes to, that’s managed by Cloudflare. I don’t have any APIs with Cloudflare, but the A record keeps changing back to this IP. I am not able to access my WordPress dashboard, everytime I do, it returns 1015 error and locks me out.
How do I stop this?

That IP address is a Go Daddy IP address.

That could indicate that you have somehow given them access to act on your behalf and maintain your DNS, and that they are acting whenever they see that the current settings doesn’t match their expectations.

If that is not within your desire that they (or anyone else) should be able to do so on your behalf, I would advice you to look through the following:

Log in to your Cloudflare account, change your password, and preferably also enable two-factor authentication (2FA).

Check the Audit Log page, to figure out who/what is making the changes:


Check the "Members page, to see if you’re letting others access your account:


Check the “API Tokens” page, to see if there are any tokens you don’t use or otherwise know about:


I checked with GoDaddy, they don’t manage this IP. The IP is managed by Cloudflare.

I rechecked my Cloudflare account - no member, nothing in audit log and no API token.
I changed my Global API keys at Cloudflare, and changed the A address to correct one in my DNS settings. Last time the A records were automatically changed in 3 days.

If you’ve been in touch with them, and they said so, I suggest you re-try that.

However, this time, you should also ask them why the American Registry of Intenet Numbers (ARIN) claims that the whole IP space (range - is held by the organisation GoDaddy.com, LLC, if it is not something that they manage?

According to the screenshot you posted, you need to understand that the Internet Service Provider (ISP) being used to provide connectivity to the IP space, is not always the same as the organisation that hold and manage the IP address (and/or the surrounding IP space).

Cloudflare correctly provides connectivity for the IP address mentioned, and the surrounding IP space, a.k.a. ( - at the time being, however, the IP space isn’t being managed by the ISP providing connectivity for it, but by the organisation that it has been allocated to, which is GoDaddy.com, LLC here.

If you have any issues with the IP address mentioned above, or any services operated on it, you need to contact GoDaddy.com, LLC.

  1. Did you also change your password?

  2. Did you also enable two-factor authentication (2FA)?

Do you know what Ezoic is?

Once you give Ezoic your credentials they create an API Key for your account. From then on you can only change your DNS records via their dashboard. They will use the API Key to revert any and all changes you make in the Cloudflare dashboard, which is the symptom you are having.

I have Ezoic integrated through a plugin these days. They were hosting my website previously.
Any suggestion on how to stop them?

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