A Record Issue

I have changed “A” record of my Domain to New server IP and CNAME www is also an alias of the domain and properly configured …This change has been done couple of day back but still Domain is pointing to OLD IP when i do IP analysis of the domain .

What is missing here , Please advice .

Is the old IP a 104 one? Whats the domain?

Domain is www.z-aksys.com , Yes the old IP is 104

That is not the old IP but the Cloudflare’s proxy. The new address is properly in place.

but my website is not working , then what is missing here ???

Not working is a great description :wink:

What is not working? It loads fine for me and also at http://sitemeer.com/#www.z-aksys.com

Oops my bad …It’s working …Thanks :wink:

One thing, your site has a “mixed content” issue on HTTPS. Search the forum for these keywords and you will find plenty of answers on how to fix it.

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