A Record is showing totally different IP

Hi there

First post on here and hoping someone can help.

We recently took over a domain for a client and added it to our Cloudflare account. All the DNS settings seem to have transferred over and are visible within the domains Cloudflare account.

However the clients website appears to be down and when we check the DNS using external checkers it’s pointing to a totally different IP address… One that their current web design company doesn’t even recognise.

The correct A record should point to and the domain in question is mjsplumbersltd(dot)co(dot)uk


The A record is currently pointed to so the site isn’t being proxied in Cloudflare. The site loads ok for me.

If you turned the proxy on for a short period, the address would resolve to a Cloudflare IP address and maybe some resolvers picked that up, but it’s now showing the Google IP you expect.

Also here…

Points to for me.

Run ipconfig/flushdns then try to open again.

Many thanks. It turned out it was a case of toggling proxied status on/off

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