A record is not working

I added my website to Cloudflare and its going fine. It is h-erp.netx

The problem that I wanted to map sub-domain ( project.h-erp.net ) to another server using A record, but its not working, I’m sure that the sub-domain is added to that other server correctly because I did the same in cPanel DNS to the same server and it is working fine.
but it is not working with Cloudflare DNS.

Any help ?

Kindly know that h-erp.net is working fine and there is SSL installed in the server
but for the project.h-erp.net which is not working; there is not SSL in the server

and my Cloudflare setting is set to (full)

May that is the reason? and how to tell Cloudflare that I need to except this sub-domain from considering SSL, because there is no.

Yes, you should not use Full but always Full Strict, otherwise you have no security in place.

You probably best pause Cloudflare and first fix your server and make sure it has a certificate.

I already configured my server to add another sub-domain and it is working fine because the new-subdomain is hosted in cpanel DNS.
So… the remaining question now is … how to tell Cloudflare that I need to except this sub-domain from the (Full) SSL option. It seems I’m forced to use SSL for this domain regardless which server I’m refering to.

You should switch to Full Strict and - as I mentioned - I would pause Cloudflare and make sure all your sites load fine on HTTPS. Then it will also work without issue on Cloudflare.

project.h-erp.net currently does not work on HTTPS at all.

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