A record IP address field

What value do I put in the A record address field?

The ifconfig eth0 address (
localhost (

The messages all said, “I can’t do this.”

You can put either one of those in for an “A” record, but it can’t be set to :orange: because that’s an internal address. Set it to :grey: and it will accept it.

Worked like a charm.
Now, here’s my NSHO: The message is pure geek. It diagnoses but doesn’t offer a solution. A simple “Try the gray cloud thingy.” would have saved hours of debugging.
I know whereof I speak. I’m an oldie-moldy computer programmer who made user-friendly programs.

I have the same problems…Did you try to use VPN?

:wave: @stercor,

“I can’t do this” seems like a terrible error message indeed. It appears Cloudflare listened and now the error says this kind of record cannot be proxied when you ate empty to save it as a proxied record type. Yay!

— OG

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