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Greetings, I am getting a message that says “Add an A, AAAA, or CNAME record for www so that domain will resolve”

Where do I find cloudflares info to connect that?

Hi @user13,

Does your site work without www? If so, then you usually just need to redirect www to the non-www version:

Otherwise, you can point the record to your server and handle it there, either serving the site on www or redirecting.

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This information seems to be about setting up a redirect - I’m not sure that is what I need. I need to point an A record to cloudflare servers so when someone goes to my domain it hits cloudflare and my website.

Which other providers, they give you an IP address to point the A record to. Is that not how cloudflare does it?

If your provider gives you an IP address then yes, you can point the record to that, a redirect is just an option if your site works on one hostname and you want to forward traffic from another one to there.

Just to make sure I understand, cloudflare does not provide an IP address to create an A record to my site? How does my DNS tell a browser to go to my site if not?

Cloudflare provides the DNS infrastructure and manages these records themselves in proxied :orange: mode.

This assumes you are producing requests to another server, although this is not strictly necessary if you only need page rules and/or workers to deliver content.

What exactly are you trying to do here?

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My client has a local server that their clients FTP documents into. I’ve setup the FTP as an A record to the IP address as required, but it doesn’t work. If they use ftp://ftp.domain.com it works, if they use ftp.domain.com it goes to another unknown login.

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