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Pointed a client’s website - sujati.com - to Cloudlfare’s nameservers and then changed the IP address for the A record to point to a new server, Siteground hosting.

We’d like the website to be on Siteground and the emails, on a different original web host company.

Currently the site is down. It’s been more than 24 hours since changing the nameservers to Cloudflare.

The company hosting the emails (and formerly) the website don’t have good documentation for accessing advanced DNS settings, which is why I tried to go around them and point the domain to Cloudflare, and then just update the A record, and remove some old server settings like the A records for Autoconfig, Autodiscover, CPContacts, CPcalendars.

It seemed to work for a while - I could access the wordpress files on the new server - but checking the DNS propagation tool always pointed to non-Siteground settings.

Can anyone suggest what to do next?

Siteground says this :

The issue here is that the A record for the site is hidden by the Cloudflare proxy. Since this is the case, I >can suggest to contact Cloudflare and notify them that the proxy service is breaking the site and it is not >loading. You can also notify them that the site is loading perfectly fine when loading directly from our >servers (with the proxy disabled) and you can also provide them with this link [twcv1.hosts.cx/]

Thank you!

The domain seems to be fully propagated by now, according to DNS Checker - DNS Check Propagation Tool

I see you site normally (from Brazil). Make sure you flush your browser cache and test again.

Yes, they will show Cloudflare-issued IP addresses for any host that is being proxied (:orange:) by Cloudflare. Siteground’s IP address should be visible only to the site admin on the Cloudflare dashboard’s DNS app.


Thank you for responding. I chatted with a different tech support person at Siteground who told me the staging SSL certificate did not carry over to the site with the actual domain name. Which was causing the problems and not Cloudflare.

So I created another SSL certificate for sujati.com and… it worked.

Apologies for this post when it was really user error (isn’t it mostly always) compounded by different levels of knowledge at hosting companies…


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