'A' record for subdomain not working

HI guys

I’ve created two new A records for a subdomain of our wrexhamafc.co.uk domain.
The first record www.womens returns the following error

This site can’t provide a secure connection

www.womens.wrexhamafc.co.uk uses an unsupported protocol.


The second record womens works correctly.

I believe that we have a wild carded SSL certificate.

Is the www.womens regarded as two levels of subdomain for wrexhamafc.co.uk
and womens is regarded as a single level ?
Could this be the reason that it is not working ?
If so what do I need to do to allow two levels of subdomain ?

Any help would be really appreciated.


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Thanks very much for the reply.
Is there a more sophisticated ssl certificate that we can buy that will allow use of the full www.womens.wrexhamafc.co.uk url.


Well on my end I get this

So the site is working on my end, what seems to be the issue?

As the article I linked to states, ACM for $10/month will let you add any host name under your domain.

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