A Record for Sub-Domain Doesn't Work


With un-proxy A Record subdomain to another ip is working fine but with cloudflare proxy, I couldnt make it to run.

As i mentioned s1 works fine immediately but i was waiting s2 for 24 hours and it doesnt work.

Am i missing anything?

Thank you,

Couldn’t make what run? Do you have a proper certificate on your server?

What’s the domain?

meaning run is what i try to say work. I’m sorry for my english.

There’s no SSL certificate at the subdomain hosting.

That is not a lot more clear.

Then that should be the first thing to fix on your server.

Why is that ? Doesn’t it work without SSL certificate?

It does, but only if the URL is HTTP. So you don’t want HTTPS at all?

What’s the URL?

Main domain is working fine: xxx.com (it has flex cloudflare ssl)
subdomain hosting has no ssl: http://xxxxx

What do you think?

Flexible SSL is no SSL, that still is insecure. Do you want HTTPS or not?

Also, port 34500 won’t work on Cloudflare either.

if it doesnt work it useless with proxy. thanks anyway…

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