A record for my site is not updating

I am trying to create a subdomain (workshops) for a site I am working on (zoharbadka.co.il)
The domain is with Cloudflare.
The WordPress installation has issues and the hosting company says that it is because the A record pointing to their IP ( it isn’t working correctly.
Indeed, a check shows that it isn’t updated but on other sites I am working on, I also don’t see the hosting IP on the check, though it is configured.
The answer they gave was: you have a CDN on the subdomain.
I am quite sure that they are wrong, and yet I would be happy to get some input in order to solve it.


That subdomain is working. Is this what it should look like?

Thanks. It is working, but they say that the A record isn’t pointing to them (DNS Checker - DNS Propagation Check & DNS Lookup) so there are issues on the install. It sound funny that it is the reason, but indeed I can’t see the A record on the check.

That’s just because you’re proxying it with Cloudflare.

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