A record for mail server not being published

I’ve setup the CloudFlare servers so I get reliable SSL for my web site, but I can’t seem to get mail working correctly.

I’ve created an A record for mail.example.com which points to the IP address of my mail server. So, Type=A, Name=mail, Content=IP Address of mail server, TTL=30, Proxy Status=DNS only.

I have an MX record defined: Type=MX, Name=example.com, Content=mail.example.com, Priority=10, TTL=30, Proxy Status=DNS only.

I also have a pair of CNAMEs for the web site defined:
Type Name Content Proxy Status
CNAME example.com obior.com Proxied
CNAME www obior.com Proxied

For the first CNAME, when I created it, I entered an “@”, which CloudFlare changed to the base name and TLD extension.

When I use various tools (tools.dnsstuff.com and MxToolbox.com) to check the domain, I don’t get either A record for the mail server or the MX record information.

Can someone suggest what to try to resolve this? I’ve deleted and recreated both the A & MX records multiple times, but that hasn’t helped.

I’ve done lots of DNS work previously and never had an issue until now. From my experience, everything is defined correctly, though, I would really like to have an SOA serial number so I could see that an update has occurred.

I’m at the point of Nuke & Pave on this, but don’t see a clean way to start from scratch.

Thanks for your help on this.


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