A Record Edit not Saving

I am trying to edit an A Record, it does not save and does not give me an error code. I have deleted the current A Record and added a new with what i need and it still isnt saving correctly, if reverts back to what the old record said.

What is the name of the record you are having problems with? Can you show a screenshot of the record?

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this is the A Record that needs to be changed - the name needs to be changed to @ and every time I make the change and save it it reverts back to the domain. Ive even deleted the entire record and added a new A Record with the parameters i need and it reverted back to the domain in the name section.

That’s expected behavior. @ is shorthand for the domain name, so you don’t have to type it all in. It gets auto-expanded when it saves.


Okay, well then the new issue becomes - this was the record i was told to address because the site isnt working since i moved the domain to another platform. It was a website hosted through bluehost, and set up on wordpress, we have since changed and routed it through cloudflare and are currently building the new site on FG Funnels. Ive done this before, but ive never had this much trouble getting it going.

The record is working correctly.

Your web server is redirecting http to https, but https is not working. That is something you’ll need to figure out with your host.


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