A record domain

I created a a record for this ip address image in this image here, when i visit the vps at server.flexhosting.ga, i contact the company about this and they said that it is not their issue and that I should contact cloudflare.

is this issue cloudflare or the hosting provider?

What’s your SSL encryption mode? Flexible? Full?

full @erictung

As with any site added to Cloudflare, it should be up and running with HTTPS before you proxy it with Cloudflare. Edit that “A” record and click on the :orange: to make it :grey: DNS Only and wait five minutes. Then make sure the site works with HTTPS.

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I did, i did that yesterday @sdayman

didn’t work after 30m, then made the grey cloud to orange

Then you need to fix it before you change it to :orange: again. Cloudflare can’t fix a misconfigured server.

so its not cloudflare problem, correct?. its the hosting provider?

If it doesn’t work when it’s :grey:, then it’s a hosting problem. Not Cloudflare.

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