A record doesn't working for minecraft after changed domain

I’m changed domain for minecraft server, minecraft server is running on 25565 default port, before changed domain
I was fine getting into Minecraft even though the domain was full proxied…
after changed domain … not working
DNS record is A web ipv4
ipv4 is the same but on new domain not working for minecraft …

before the domain change, minecraft could only be accessed using the domain and it was full proxied
please, how to fix it? btw i don’t want to use srv, because it exposes real ipv4

Unless you’re using Spectrum for Minecraft, you have no choice but to expose the real IPv4.

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You don’t understanded me … before changed domain … minecraft working with A record domain on ipv4 …I’m changed domain, ipv4 is the same but on new domain it doesn’t working … but before changed domain that it worked…

It definitely did not work while proxied before. Cloudflare does not proxy normal TCP packets (without a product like Spectrum). You will need to unproxy it and it will work fine.

As already mentioned, if you need protection Spectrum is the best bet. Most MC server hosts will also provide some level of protection too.