"A" record does not update correctly - TXT does not update at all

Need help on this… “A” Record do not update… And “TXT” does not update. Waited several days. I could get the “A” to work unproxied… but since the Acme TXT doesnt update, I cant get it secured by SSL… But I want it to be proxied… Done this several times on other domains, but this domain does not update/work. I put it to proxied mode now… And get a browser error of “too many redirects”. The domain is Fibertreatment.com - Looking forward to some help with this

By the way, DNS propagation can take up to 48-72 hours! How long has it been since you first started having this issue?

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Fibertreatment.com is proxied by Cloudflare. The public facing IP address is going to remain a Cloudflare IP address, but the origin IP will be updated in sub-30 seconds typically.

You have 2 TXT records for the root domain, not sure what they are supposed to be but they are currentl```

Fibertreatment.com. 300 IN TXT NETORGFT8496606.onmicrosoft.com
Fibertreatment.com. 300 IN TXT v=spf1 include:secureserver.net -all

Thx for the fast replies helping me to get the solution :smiley: The disabling of http to https solved it :slight_smile:

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