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I have been using Cloudflare as my DNS Manager for almost a year now and I have not had any issues before. For my domain, I set up an A record that points to a specific, publicly accessible IPv4 address. When I try to ping my domain the request times out, but when I try to hit the IP address directly, it all works perfect. Is like Cloudflare is not working at all? Any troubleshooting advice?

All of your records are set to proxy through Cloudflare. So the DNS name is resolving to Cloudflare which is a different IP address than the origin.

Is there a specific problem you have?

Cloudflare limits ICMP which means pinging the domain name will not work.

Yes, this is the configuration I have:

If I try to go to tacswipeapi.xyz on the browser it hangs indifinetely, but if I type the IP address it works perfectly. What am I missing?

It appears your nameservers are now not pointing to Cloudflare

dig tacswipeapi.xyz ns +short

And the IP address it returns does not match what is set in Cloudflare.

dig tacswipeapi.xyz +short

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This is how my nameservers look like. How do I need to update them again? Do I need to update them in the DNS manager where I bought the domain?

Yes, go to your Registrar and change the nameservers. This support article has a list of popular registrars and instructions on changing nameservers on all of them:


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