A record DNS help

not an expert with this but

I’ve been asked to asked to an extra A record to the cloud flare DNS
to start working on a staging site (copy).

ive added

A stagingx (ip address) Auto Proxied

but the browser just goes to a default ‘unavailable’ page when visiting the url

any ideas or am i doing anything wrong?

Set it to “DNS Only” (:grey:) so it goes direct to the staging server. That should help narrow down the problem.

thanks have tried this still the same result

This site can’t be reached
staging1.tate-fencing.co.uk’s server IP address could not be found.

Try running Windows Network Diagnostics.

do I need to clear the cache or something?

Can you post a picture of your DNS records screen? It’s ok to black out IP addresses.

And double check the bottom of that page to make sure you’re using Cloudflare’s Ben & Heather name servers.

thanks for your help

It says “stagingx” instead of “staging1”

“stagingx” loads a “Website currently not available” screen.

thats what I thought but I bought this up with the guy who sets up the staging says the stagingX subdomain allows multiply staging copies

Sorry, you’re going to manually enter each of them. “x” won’t act as a wildcard, and Cloudflare won’t proxy wildcard IP addresses.

You could just put a * DNS “A” record, and that will send all unknown subdomain requests to your server, but it won’t go through Cloudflare.

ok thank you for your help
so adding staging1 as well shouldn’t hurt even if the ip address is the same

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